Daniele's magnifying lens



My vision

My dream is to be able to breath life into inanimate things.
I have a peculiar obsession for telling stories and expressing my state of mind through small objects, thus creating an actual mini-scaled world. If you feel somewhat different and completer whenever you look at my art, then I have achieved my goal. If you feel like you are flying to a new world, or at least floating, then I am one step closer to making my dream true.

Who I am

My name is Daniele Eschini and I am a young Italian sculptor graduated from the Art Academy of Carrara (Italy).  Since a very early age, I’ve always found myself interested in details and I used to spend hours carving figures into very small objects like seeds and stones.

In the very first part of my life art was my only form of communication, as I started talking at the age of 6. Throughout my whole life I compensated a scarce verbal communication with lots of carvings and figurative artworks. During my years in the Art Academy I started experimenting even more with very small and detailed sculptures, eventually ending up specializing in pencil carvings.

Have a tour in my gallery and enjoy!

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Daniele, pencil carves' wood